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SKALA POTAMIAS, THASSOSOne of the most beautiful places in Greece!

Skala Potamias is located about 3km away from Potamia and 11km from the capital of Thassos, Limenas. In Skala there is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Chrysi Ammoudia. As its name suggests, the beach has fine sand that in the sunlight looks golden and clear, blue waters. The place in recent years has become quite a popular tourism destination thanks to the many hotels and places of entertainment that exist.

GiolaOutside of Astris, just 4 kms away, you can find Giola. This is a natural swimming pool very close to the seaside. Each sea wave slowly refreshes the crystal water of the pool. You can swim, dive into the pool from the natural rocky “steps” all around, or sunbath lying on the flat rocks beside. If you want to go there, just follow the road signs which will lead you off the main road, and through a ground road you will end up park your car on the top of a hill. Then you must walk your way down through a downhill route. There are signs all over the place, so you won’t get lost. The location will amaze you!
KazavitiKazaviti is one of the most beautiful mountainous villages of Thassos. Located very close to Prinos is suitable for tourism throughout the year, as it will travel each visitor to nature and back in time. The stone and wood dominate the buildings of the village and in combination with the rich vegetation of oaks, platanus and chestnut trees give a different aspect of Thassos. This aspect of Thassos is that not to have been touched by time and the traditional coffee shop in the village certifies that to the best possible way. Do not think however that time has stopped forever in this village, as young people with enthusiasm and, above all, love for tradition gave another impetus at Kazaviti by creating taverns offering rich meat dishes as well as rented lodgings for every taste! Finally, the religious element is not missing from this village and a visit to the church of Saint Panteleimonas will reward you.
Kastro ( Castle )On one of the peaks of mountain Ypsario, on a longitude of 800m, lies the most ancient village of the island, Kastro. It took its name from the remnants of a castle that once stood there. It flourished in the years that piracy infested the Aegean Sea and was abandoned later when the locals found work at the iron mines of the Speidel company.At the villages’ square you can find the church of St.Athanasios. For many years the village was abandoned and it was until recently that local owners renovated their manors. In January,at the celebration of St.Athanasios, Kastro becomes vibrant and lively,as many Thassians join the feast with songs and food! Do not forget to visit the area called Apostoloi, where you can see the small waterfalls, and fresh up with a quick dive if you want! It is an amazing route from Kastro which lasts about 40 minutes on foot, through the deep green forest.
Lake of Maries

The Lake of Maries is a wonderful place for nature lovers and is recommended for a nice and peaceful walk. The environment is especially nice. It is definitely one the most important nature sights of Thassos.

Palataki ( Little Palace )

Limenaria became commercially known due to its mines that started operating in 1903 by the german company Speidel. “Palataki” , which was the headquarters of the Speidel company at the beginning of the 20th century, is an exceptional specimen of local architecture. Later it was abandoned and only recently locals completed its renovation. The results are absolutely wonderful.


The beaches of Thassos can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Most are organized and sandy, but you can also find pebble beaches.